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INCHRON’s professional services team has a great fervor for performance, timing and designing of robust dynamic software architectures for ECUs (electronic control units) and networks. For more than 12 years we have been involved, with heart and soul, in the development projects of our customers. During this time frame we have accompanied more than 150 customer projects throughout all phases of the development cycle, starting with early research through to start of production (SOP). We have gained a wide range of experience including the design for robust architectures, building timing related workflows, creating process integrations for the INCHRON tool suite and successful firefighting jobs.

Based on our experience we offer the following services:

  • project support
  • process consulting
  • tool chain integration
  • coaching
  • training
  • fire fighting

Our philosophy is to support customers with our worldwide unique know-how, our excellent range of tools and to provide the best service possible.

We have the knowhow for your challenges:

  • multi-core configuration
  • data consistency
  • understanding the dynamic behavior
  • system worst-case behavior
  • overload situations
  • network configuration
  • sporadic timing errors
  • deriving implicit or imprecise performance or timing requirements
  • identifying worst-case scenarios for testing
  • optimizing the dynamic system or software architecture
  • scheduling problems
  • end-to-end latencies from sensor to actuator
  • migration to another microcontroller / processor
  • designing dynamic architecture of a new platform
  • migration from single to multi-core
  • integration of additional functionality after change requests at late stage
  • testing of timing and requirements
  • safety (e.g. IEC61508, ISO26262, DO-178B) and timing
  • finding timing problems early in the development process

“We are very proud to have helped customers in more than 150 projects in different industries and across different domains. As a trusted and competent partner our special expertise has ensured the successful finish of projects for development teams.”

Dr. Ralf Münzenberger, responsible for professional services

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